The world gives us too many reasons for self-exile.

The world gives us too many reasons for self-exile.


1, high standard of love pursuit and low standard of quality of life

Chen he divorced and the whole world shot him, not so much because he failed to satisfy people's romantic fantasies.

in a society where the spiritual world is so desolate that it only takes selfies and never reads and thinks, love seems to be a crystal ball that needs to be carefully gloved and cared for by the whole world. carrying every loser otaku and older leftover women's last fantasy about their own spiritual world.

Yes, since it is impossible to lose weight and there is no hope for a raise, you have no choice but to fantasize about your love life with midnight snacks in front of a soap opera on the computer screen in the dead of night.

so true love must never give up. True love is that an old ugly woman will meet a handsome president, and an otaku loser can have a goddess.

the reality is that older ugly girls and otaku losers can only meet the president and goddess through the screen.

when we slaughtered "unfaithful people" from the virtual online world, we each turned off our phones and went back to our rooms without wifi to continue our little days. Being gluttonous and lazy is the atmosphere, and getting angry is a stupid little day.

so the question is, when there is a trend of gluttony and laziness in the world, do you want to fly against the wind or drift with the current?

2, being gluttonous and lazy is a trend, and being angry is a fool

summarize the current social phenomena in a short paragraph, which is probably:

young people will stay up late, go back on their promises, eat lazily, and give up halfway. Those angry to be strong, self-reliance, Nirvana rebirth days are saved until there is no money and no parents!

it seems that everything but selfies can be done casually. Anyway, people who are ugly are protected by beauty, those who are fat are super skinny on Taobao, those who have no money can buy high-imitation fake famous brands, and those who are single also have Quick broadcast and Momo. What is even more gratifying is that there is also political and social relief for those who have nothing to eat now. Yes, the world is ready for our generation, and there is nothing wrong with muddling through for the rest of our lives as long as we can solve the problem of food and clothing.

the sad thing is that the world gives too many reasons for self-exile but it never slows down the pace of its rotation for us.

when you climb out of the wellhead one day when you end the life of a frog in a well willingly or helplessly, you will find that in fact, the times have never stopped developing because of too many low achiever, and the employment standards of all work are advancing with the development of the times. If you are still using Meitu, you will suddenly find that Uncle Hu dregs sitting in the old-looking small advertising shop on the other side of the shopping street is already a self-taught PS master. If you don't listen to lectures, do you want to dawdle along with the only high school knowledge you have left? There is no choice but to sweep the street and look at the door.

they are gluttonous and lazy, go back on their promises and give up halfway. They are never right and never positive, so please don't associate them with your quality just because they are high-frequency words.

what on earth can hard work bring us?

is probably a fearless heart, let us be confident in any situation, "I will get through it."

craftsmen say that by mastering one skill, they can travel all over the world to support their families.

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