The old man is in his twilight.

The old man is in his twilight.

Please slow down and grow old.

some people say that the older you get, the more you look like a child.

I thought to myself, how is this possible?

on the 2nd, I took an 8-hour ride back to my grandmother's house. The first thing I saw when I got out of the car was my grandmother, who was still as energetic as before. She hugged me before I reached out my hand. "are you cold? hurry up and add more clothes." I said whether it was cold or not, but I found that Grandma didn't seem as young as she used to be.

I remember that she had a minor illness six months ago, when the doctor told her, "you can't drink water until you get better." It was the fifth day when I went to the hospital, and she hadn't had a glass of water for five days. I sat by the bed and asked, "are you feeling better, Grandma?"

she shook her head: "No, my stomach hurts and I can't sleep well."

"these two throats are very uncomfortable in the nose. When you inhale, you will feel a little pain. Hey, you are not comfortable, and you are not comfortable sleeping."

I clapped her hand: "it's all right. I'll be fine in a few days. In the future, remember to eat more food and do more exercise."

she turned over, and I helped her raise the pillow. "OK, I really want to eat now. That green vegetable is so sweet."

my aunt was also with her, and she asked her grandmother if she wanted to moisturize her mouth. Then I took the cup and asked me to fill it with cold water. when the water was just 1 /5 of the cup, my grandmother said that was enough, so I handed the water to her.

I watched her pour the water into her mouth, spit it out again, and then asked me for a tissue to wipe her mouth. She smiled and said, "this water is so sweet. I just can't drink it at all. I didn't think it was good before. Now I think white water is really delicious."

I echoed, smiling but feeling sad. I found that the phrase "cherish what we have" must have come from the old man. Only they know how luxurious we young people enjoy, a long-distance early run, a "drink" with classmates, a glass of boiled water filled with ice, an unforgettable overnight, these have been included in the "impossible" memo for them.

so I wanted to write down my grandmother's feelings at that time so that I could cherish what I had.

when I was at my grandmother's house in Zhuzhou a few days ago, I watched long Yingtai's "watching" again, which said: "the so-called father-daughter fight only means that your fate with him is to keep watching his back drifting away in this life. You stand at this end of the path and watch him disappear at the turn of the path, and he tells you with his back: there is no need to chase. "

then I was about to get on the bus to Changsha, and my grandmother hugged me while putting my luggage. She still said to me, "be careful not to catch a cold there and put on more clothes."

I said, "how could I catch a cold? pay more attention to your health here."

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she wiped away her tears and said, "Yes, I will."

I swept her back and said, "I'll definitely come to see you again during the summer vacation."

then I got into the car, shouted goodbye to my grandparents outside the window and waved hard.

it was 10:00 in the morning, but it was like evening, and the dim yellow light shone directly into the car through the people outside the window. At that moment, I found that my grandparents were really old, but they were getting younger and younger, just like children, and all they wanted was the family around, that is, everyone was embarrassed to say nothing, as long as they got together, it was enough.

parting is always so short that it wants to tear apart the person to be separated at once, and then let you spend a few days waiting for the wound to heal. It was only when I was good that I knew that this was where the "heart and lung" came from.

on the way to Changsha, I think of Zhang Jingxuan's song "everlasting Youth":

it's best that any face I care about doesn't grow old

Why do you suddenly grow old while wandering

when you talk about a thing that can be fulfilled

pray that the old man will not grow old casually

time, but the bad guy is determined to stay