The net of Dongguan workers is limited, what do I think?

The net of Dongguan workers is limited, what do I think?

Ironically, in the Internet era, we are restricted to access to the Internet, which is a kind of protection or a retrogression.

at first, I thought that when other people talked about this matter, I followed suit, would I be thought to follow suit? Then I read the article "Traffic limit: inefficient system and the Game of the masses" written by Dog Jun, which mentioned such a question, is it possible for us to really attract the attention of the school?

if you just think of it as a small hot event, no one cares as time goes by. However, if someone keeps talking about it and keeps digging into it and discussing it, it may really change.

so write down the following thousands of words, whether it's personality trumpet or nonsense, give it a try.

"it's all for your own good."

recently, the issue of limited traffic has been put on the moments, causing an uproar. A lot of people came to me and asked, "what do you think?"

in fact, when I voted on whether or not to come to the lake as a freshman, I called on everyone in my moments to oppose coming to the lake. The reason is very simple, because the lake will restrict the net. As Mr. Dog said, this is an extremely simple but inefficient management method. The good name is "for the students", but the students all think it is for themselves.

I remember that my high school head teacher often said, "it's okay for you to hate me now. You'll thank me later." Once I couldn't help asking him after the class meeting: "teacher, why don't you let us thank you now and make us hate you?" "he told me it was too difficult. I immediately asked him, it's hard for you not to do it. As a result, he remains the same. Let's hate him first and then love him.

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Dongguan workers often introduce some shocking measures, which have come as no surprise to me. When I took the physical test last year, apart from barely passing the front curve, I was above average in pull-ups, long-distance running and sprinting, but my physical test score was only 61 points (1000 meters I remember I was about 3 minutes 48 seconds). So I have to take three PE classes this semester, and the content of PE class is nothing more than roll call, running, shooting, roll call and dismissal. Brothers and sisters do their best for our PE class, but if we don't want to take PE class, we still kick it like a ball before we move it. Does such a PE class really have any meaning?

I know that the school's original intention is good, it hopes that we can exercise more, but how on earth is my physical test score calculated? can you give me a specific figure? Or tell us the results of each item and the corresponding scores, so that we can have a general idea in mind? Besides, everyone knows that the efficiency of physical education is inefficient. Should the school really reflect on it? The original intention is good, but the practice is wrong, then what is the use?

this is a kind of Chinese parental mentality. All their actions are not from the perspective of their children, but out of an inexplicable sense of responsibility. They often comfort themselves and say, "they will thank me when they graduate." But even if you graduate, will anyone really appreciate you? People who can exercise, he will hold dumbbells in the dormitory, people who can't exercise, if you throw him into the swimming pool, he will only soak in it. Although I don't like to move in PE class, I insist on running more than 5 laps in fake grass every day.

so when making a lot of policies, Dongguan workers ignore a very key thing, that is, the differences between people. It tries to make all the "good things" for us, like high school, junior high school and primary school, but in the eyes of our students, it is just the self-comfort of the school.

do you remember the "by the audience" in the school sports meeting? The school requires that everyone in each class must attend the school sports meeting. At that time, someone will call the roll and check the number of people. Its good name is to make us feel the vitality of the athletes. In fact, it is to support the scene and make the whole stadium look more pleasing to the eye. As long as you take a closer look, more than half of the students in the audience are either staring at their cell phones or whispering. I don't even know who is running. How can you ask me to cheer for him?

is this really for our own good?

"give up a very small number of talents for the sake of most mediocrity"

I once asked a friend a question:

"what do you think college gave you?"

his answer impressed me deeply, that is,

"Freedom, there is still time."

I know that for many people, freedom is loose, which is why Dongguan workers limit traffic, because they are afraid that we decadent college students spend a lot of time on the Internet.

but what about the minority? If you want to be a film critic, not to mention finishing the top 300 of IMDb, at least you should finish brushing all the TOP100 of Douban, right? I remember that the God of Wealth said on if you are the one that he would watch at least three movies a day as long as conditions permit. I certainly know that NANA can provide us with a lot of movies, but what is the type of movies that appear most on NANA? "Love night cattail" series? "Tang Bohu soared to the sky"? "Miss seductive"? "50 shades of gray"? From the number of downloads, you can know which movies most people like, and buy and sell, and the decline in the quality of NANA films is not difficult to predict.

of course, there are a lot of good resources on NANA. I downloaded all the Oscar-nominated feature films on nana, including burst drummer, American Sniper, Birdman, Nightwalker, Imitation Game, etc. But there is a problem. I am a big fan of Johnnie to. Although I have painted most of his works when I am at home, there will be fish missing from the net, and when I was at school, I suffered from no traffic. So I can only wait until I get home to watch, and my time at school is wasted. By the way, when I was a sophomore, a brother sent a collection of Akira Kurosawa, but he was no longer a seed when I thought about it. I haven't been in n since then.I've seen Akira Kurosawa's movies on ana. I'm not saying that Akira Kurosawa's movies are so high-end, but as a movie fan, traffic restrictions do make us feel stretched.

and in every field, there must be some people who will take it as a lifelong goal. Like some friends I know, some like photography and some like graphic design, and if you want to delve into these two fields, you will have to spend a lot of money browsing works and collecting materials. For them, written stereotype is often less important than inspiration, but where does inspiration come from? Most of the time, it is inspired by the works of others.

and those who write articles like me spend nearly 300m of traffic just because they want to write an article about Liu Xiang's retirement. Because I want to watch his exclusive interview video, as well as all kinds of comments and articles, but also to collect his pictures. So it's only the 8th, and I've already used 1600m of traffic.

Yes, the school's traffic restrictions do protect most students from being addicted to the Internet. But at the same time, it also limits those few warm-blooded young people who have dreams. It makes them in the freest, the most abundant time, because the professional performance is not excellent, so they have to adopt some curve to save the nation in order to study what they want to study. This has to make me feel cold, in the Internet era to restrict students to use the Internet, which is not tantamount to making them out of touch with the times?

but of course the school has its reasons. He wants us to settle down, stabilize our knowledge and then show it out. However, due to the limited flow, people who do not go to the library will still not use library cards, and those who should be packed back to the dormitory will still pack up. And if some people think that they should clean up the resources on nana and delete all the "useless" resources because of reading my article, then I really feel hopeless. Instead of "blocking", it is better to "communicate". This is what Dayu taught us thousands of years ago.

so do you know that I am both opposed and supported, because people like me who waste time playing games every day still account for most of our school, but I hope the school can give a chance to the few people who are willing to work hard. You can't always have both fish and bear's paw. If you want to train more talents, mediocrity will naturally follow. This is a question of trade-off.

but we all know that it is always the minority who change the world.

"how great a fly is, it is still a fly."

but there is another point worth discussing, that is, those who will become mediocre without restriction will become talents on the basis of their own understanding when they come out of society. Limit traffic is just to make them become mediocre slower, should not work hard, or will not work hard.

so for us students, we should have the capital to oppose before opposing traffic restrictions. That is, we try our best first, and then take the evidence to tell the school when we encounter difficulties, the school shouts people-oriented every day, and when we work hard, they have no choice but to listen to the opinions we put forward.

as for schools, can we formulate certain systems from the perspective of students and not blindly think that young people are stupid? Recognize your own position, and if you provide students with bad and better resources, let them fly freely, don't trap them, and trap themselves.