Maybe we are all bad guys.

Maybe we are all bad guys.

At the beginning of a man, nature is evil.

my kindergarten caught butterflies, cicadas and grasshoppers, locked them in bottles, tore off their wings, skimmed off their thighs, and watched them struggle and die.

when I was in primary school, I burned ants with a magnifying glass. I just thought it was funny, and I might feel a little guilty, but I couldn't help doing it, because I liked watching them run away anxiously, but I couldn't escape in the end.

when I was in the fourth and fifth grade, there was a classmate from out of town. We took strokes on his clothes and watered his books. We screamed and we laughed.

when I was in middle and high school, there was always a girl or boy in my class. Because he was ugly, he was bullied and ridiculed because he was too weak. I stood idly by and pretended not to know.

when I was in college, I loved watching action movies fight violence with violence. I watched the villains being knocked down and the villains wailing in a pool of blood. I liked it because I couldn't do it in reality.

I now eat chicken, pork and beef. I eat meat that tastes not weird and free of germs. While eating meat, I watch "Dolphin Bay" and scold Japan as a sick nation.

how evil human nature is, look at yourself and you will know.

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