Let's write a book whose readers are only you and me.

Let's write a book whose readers are only you and me.

I am willing to sing hoarse songs in the corner. No matter how loud it is, it is for you.


I joined a group in which I hardly spoke, but at most glanced at what they were saying. There are six people in the group, except me, the other five are in the same class. For various reasons, whenever I see the new message of 99 + in the group, I will directly delete the group from the message list.

just last night, when I was about to delete the group's new message, I clicked my hand in and wanted to quit, but believing that something had already been arranged, I said to myself, "maybe God wants me to watch their chat today."

now, I admit that my hands are cheap.

A: we made sweet potato sugar water in our dormitory. A roommate said I was proud to peel sweet potatoes faster than you! I'm proud that sweet potato skins fell into the trash can!

A: interesting! Then I asked her to finish cutting it all, and I went to bed to review.

A: Wu Liangliang!

B: stupid.

C: your roommates are better than each other!


Yes, Liangliang is one of our classmates.


I remember the first time I went out with Liangliang. She asked me out. I was so happy that I agreed immediately.

Liangliang won't go to the bank. I accompanied him by bus. We talked and laughed all the way and almost missed the stop. Remember when we took the number and waited until ten o'clock to hurry up. At that time, she looked like a child when it was written at the door of the bank that it was closed at 12:00. Maybe she was such a child. I kept telling her not to worry, it must be our turn soon.

I don't know why, the bank wasn't closed at 12:00 that day, and when I said it would be our turn soon, the number on the screen changed quickly. Excited, we are like watching crazy investors with rising stocks, or like two mentally handicapped fans who go to a concert. I think I'm more excited than he is.

that day, I stayed with her for a long time, and we talked a lot, of course, like "I'm proud to peel sweet potatoes faster than you!" I'm proud that sweet potato skins fell into the trash can! " She didn't say less. She said that I cooperated with him very much. In fact, I didn't deliberately cooperate with her when she said such childish words. I just thought such girls were very cute. I just wanted to replace them with tacit understanding selfishly.

she is so cute and funny, but how many people can appreciate and be infatuated with her, and how many people will call her stupid behind her back?


shining is harmless, maybe it's called childishness in my world.

that day, I rarely said a few words in the group.

of course I won't tell Liangliang, because she will be sad.

it was a hot night. I was covered with two quilts, but my body was shaking. I heard my heartbeat and caused my whole body to twitch violently.

I am afraid.

what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of the bright and unhappy? Afraid of offending the people in the group?

I'm afraid, I'm afraid there's a group of people behind me who say something you don't want to hear, either viciously or sarcastically.

I'm afraid, I'm afraid it's all a misunderstanding, it's all a curse caused by mutual incomprehension.

I'm afraid, I'm afraid the loud curses are resounding through the sky, but I can't hear them.

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I have a memory, which is so good that it will hurt.

just like a couple breaking up, they will tell their friends how disgusting he or she was, and may not be stingy with all the derogatory words you know to describe him, to slander him, and to spoil the memories that once had him. Of course, you will add a strong subjective color, unload the mistakes and throw them all to him as a matter of course. Yeah, anyway, behind the back, who knows.

so, you've more or less talked about me in front of others.

if our memories are like writing a book, I hope the author on the title page is you and me. If you want to sell this book, to get the pleasure you want, the happiness you want, I hope you will also consider my pain and loss. Once spent together, laugh or cry, sweet or painful, after all, it is you and me, do not want to be tampered with, do not want to be behind each other, in front of others.

the memory may fade, but I am more afraid that it will be contaminated beyond recognition before it fades.

our past, bit by bit, broken, happy, painful, I want to aftertaste, you have to forget, it's all in your heart.

it is a secret to be buried in the most desolate place in my heart.

I just hope you and I don't say anything about it.