It is a relief for all of us to retire from him.

It is a relief for all of us to retire from him.

On the afternoon of April 7, Beijing time, the famous track and field athlete Liu Xiang officially announced the end of his sports career on his Weibo.

"I'm really old"

on the afternoon of April 7, Beijing time, famous track and field athlete Liu Xiang officially announced the end of his sports career on his Weibo.

starting today, I will end my professional sports career and officially retire. This is my own repeated deliberation, and finally made the decision. Although reluctant to give up, although painful, but I have no choice.

at the 2012 London Olympic Games, I underwent Achilles tendon reconstruction surgery after a ruptured Achilles tendon. For more than 2 years, I have persisted in difficult rehabilitation training and dreamed of starting all over again. Although there is still blood in my heart, my foot has said no to me again and again, it can no longer withstand high-intensity training and competition. I hate my feet, I love my track my hurdles too much, if there is no foot injury, I … .. Unfortunately, there is no if in this world, the injury is caused by myself, I can only accept it silently. It is frustrating and painful to be powerless. Although I have been struggling every moment for more than two years, today, I decide to give up and choose to leave. I want a new life.

(the above is taken from Liu Xiang's Weibo "my runway and my hurdles")

I wonder if you still remember Liu Xiang's saying, "Asia has me, China has me" before winning the Athens Olympic Games. I don't know if you remember your temporary withdrawal from the high-profile Beijing Olympic Games. What I remember most is that when he withdrew from the race in 2008, many people scolded Liu Xiang on the Internet, saying that he put on a show, that he was "Liu running", and that he should climb and finish the whole climb instead of leaving the game the first time.

at that time, I was young and a full-fledged indignant youth, so I believed the inside story on the Internet, and those netizens who knew little about it decided that Liu Xiang was just for show. How terrible we were at that time. We didn't understand Liu Xiang's position in the world track and field at all. We only negated a person's past through quadrennial live television. Until 12 years before the London Olympic Games, Liu Xiang won the first place in the diamond race in Shanghai with a time of 12.97 seconds. I still remember that the commentator at that time said, "Liu Xiang is back."

in fact, I want to say that Liu Xiang has never left the track and field. After withdrawing from the race due to injury in 2008, Liu Xiang resolutely changed his previous running style at the age of 28, from eight steps to seven steps. You know, for an athlete, such a change can be said to be a great challenge, in addition to re-adapt to the new rhythm of running, but also in a short period of time to reach the previous level, can only be said that Liu Xiang is really a sports genius. However, due to injury, Liu Xiang made a mistake in crossing the first hurdle at the 12-year London Olympic Games. He could only jump the whole distance with one foot and kiss lightly on the last railing.

"Liu Xiang can't outrun himself, but can't run & # 39; one of his own & # 39;

the Chinese people's evaluation of Liu Xiang is like our college entrance examination:" one exam will last a lifetime. "

Liu Xiang has participated in 48 world competitions, winning 36 championships, 6 runners-up and 3 runners-up. But most Chinese (including me) only care about his results in three Olympic Games, the first time is a gold medal, and the latter two times to no avail. So all his efforts are ignored, what eight steps and seven steps on the hurdles is bullshit, kissing hurdles is also called acting.

when the foreign media praised Liu Xiang as the top player in the world, we still questioned that he pretended to be injured because of his incompetence, and when he announced his retirement, some people said that he didn't cherish himself at all. This reminds me of the comments made by the teachers after the college entrance examination. They said, "what's the use of you doing so well in the exam?" The last week is too relaxing, isn't it? " God knows how much pressure I have before the college entrance examination. They only look at my grades. If I do well in the exam, they will praise me for my hard work and seriousness. Now that I am rewarded and poor in the exam, they will blame all the responsibility on my own state of mind. Chinese people never look at the process, only at the results.

therefore, when Liu Xiang continues to break through himself, the biggest obstacle is us unreasonable audiences. We hold him up, but also kill him. Success is also a name, defeat is also a name.

"this is a kind of relief"

after Liu Xiang retired, Bai Yansong said:

"Liu Xiang retires. One thing I want to say is relief, the other is gratitude. For Liu Xiang, he can do what he does, and if he does not retire, he will still have to torture himself and struggle, but now it is liberation, or even liberation, and his life has reached a new stage. It is also a relief for our audience, we do not have to hold illusions and expect Liu Xiang to create miracles. "

"We would like to thank Liu Xiang, because there are not many sports careers that end with a successful full stop, and quite a lot of athletes cannot draw a full stop. If the three Olympic Games that Liu Xiang participated in were reversed, and Athens was the last Olympic Games that Liu Xiang participated in, everyone would be happy, but this is not the case in the world. If we go back 12 years, in 2003, some people said that Chinese sprinters broke the world record and won the Olympic champion, which is unbelievable, so we have to thank Liu Xiang. The longer he retires, the more grateful we will be. I would like to say that it is very difficult for athletes to surpass Liu Xiang in the short term. The longer they wait, the more they will know the value of Liu Xiang. "

I agree very much. Liu Xiang also said that he did his best. All we can do is to write down his historical moments and stop making too many harsh demands.

"No matter how great a fly is, it is a fly after all."

Lu Xun said:

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to judge a man's greatness, his mental greatness is completely opposite to that of his physical greatness. The farther away the latter is, the smaller it is, but the greater the former is.

it is precisely because the closer we are, the smaller we are, and the more we see shortcomings and wounds, so like us, he is not Shinto, not a monster, not an alien beast. But it's the only way, so he's a great man.

when the soldier died, the first thing the flies saw was his shortcomings and scars, sucking, and the camp shoutedI thought I was proud, and I thought I was more heroic than a dead soldier. But the soldiers are dead and no longer come and wave them away. So the flies called even more in their camps, thinking that they were immortal voices, for they were perfect and far above the warriors.

No matter how great they are, they are still flies.