How to reply to a girl's "am I pretty?"

How to reply to a girl's "am I pretty?"

"Beautiful", "you lied to me!" .

"Don't pause writing. Once paused, there will be no more information for this article."

this means that I didn't sit down, think and write yesterday, but on and off, and as a result, there was nothing at all.

all right, all this is nonsense. Let's go back to today's topic. Suffering from the lack of good subjects to write about, I posted this paragraph in my moments last night: "do you have any questions to ask?" I'll see if I can reply in 1000-1500 words. "

then I received a total of seven questions, including four "am I pretty", "am I pretty or she is beautiful", and "is your girlfriend pretty?"

I found that this is the proposition of the times and the ultimate philosophy that every boy can't escape, so today I write down my and my friends' views on "am I pretty?"

"am I pretty?"

first of all, we must understand why girls ask such a question. Recently, I was reading a book called "floating righteousness", which is about the cultural interpretation of suicide in a county in North China. The book mentions two concepts that are important to every family, namely, "Game of Thrones" and "moral capital".

in his book, the author points out that every family is playing a power game, and the key to victory or defeat is the moral capital we have accumulated. Your patience in this power game is accumulating moral capital for the next argument.

and let's go back to the girl's question: "am I pretty?" There is a little power game in which girls are asking this question and sending a hint: "if I'm so beautiful in your eyes, shouldn't you dote on me more?" Or: "if you don't think I'm pretty, you'll fall in love with other girls. You're not loyal at all." So no matter how you answer her, you will achieve her goal, which is to accumulate moral capital.

of course, the above are just two examples I briefly cited, which do not represent the views of all girls. And I just want to use these two examples to tell the boys who hear "am I pretty?" although there are only four words in this question, your answer will always affect your future relationship with this girl.

by the way, the girls discussed above and below are all normal girls, and narcissistic girls are not included in the discussion.

"am I pretty" between friends

if you are just friends and you think you will never like your friend, then you can boldly tell her what you think of her appearance. However, there is a very important principle, that is, do not speak too bluntly. A girl will ask you such a question to prove that she cares about your opinion, although it doesn't mean she likes you. But they all give you face, asking you the ultimate question between members of the opposite sex and giving you a chance to practice, how can you directly tell others that they are not beautiful?

if she is not beautiful, say: "there are many subjective factors in whether she is beautiful or not. You are not beautiful to me, but this may be because you are not my type."

generally speaking, girls will know what it means when they hear the answer, but do not rule out the possibility that some straightforward girls will "break the casserole and ask to the end". Then just tell her what you think, that is, "fine".

but there is another situation, that is when the girl is jokingly asking you if she is beautiful, you can jokingly say "beautiful" if you don't have a girlfriend. " In this way, everyone ends the topic with a "thank you + shy expression". Of course, if the other party is joking and you think she is beautiful, you can be sincere and say only three words: "well, beautiful." This kind of detail is a good opportunity to win favor.

and if you already have a girlfriend, you can answer such a question: "you are beautiful, but I have a girlfriend." Regardless of whether the girl thinks you are narcissistic or not, the first thing you need to do is:

screenshot, and then send it to your girlfriend.

this will significantly improve the mutual trust between you and your girlfriend.

well, I find that there are countless situations. I can't tell them all. In the final analysis, it's just one sentence:

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is not the person you like, just pay attention to etiquette.

people, who like it but haven't got it yet asked me, "are you pretty?"

first of all, congratulations. If you have already hinted that you like her in your relationship with her, the question she asked is the second-to-last big question in our math paper. Winning it shows that you are not far from being excellent at 120 points, but if something goes wrong, you can only wonder on the edge of the passing line of 98 points.

come on, let's first analyze why the goddess asks us such a question. First of all, she must be beautiful to us, otherwise, how can we like her? And she knows this very well, but every girl will have her insecurity, so she wants to determine her position in your mind.

so this question is not the answer, but the process of solving the problem!

to put it bluntly, it is for you to tell her why you like her, and whether it will last for a long time.

I have said so much, do you understand what I mean? If you are still thinking about answering the goddess, "beautiful, beautiful." Then please feel at ease to be a shoddy single Wang, because such an answer will make people feel insincere, and you like her just for fun.

but why do I say "shoddy" single Wang? because if you are a high-quality single, then you are fully qualified to say so. Because you are already in good condition, such a quick and direct answer will be tempting, and the other person will be more certain of her place in your heart. But high quality, there is no need to talk about being single! It's called a male god! So we still don't talk about the extremely high quality of boys.

back to the point, someone will ask me, what would you say?

if you had downloaded Zhihu Daily, you would have found the answer in it.

Akiba told us in the lecture on Sunday night: "learn to sum up." Well, although the picture above is used to reply "what do you like about me", can you just cut out the paragraph of "vows of Love and Love" and use it for me?

such as: once when you were studying in the morning as a freshman, you came in hurriedly with a breakfast. I looked at your figure and thought you were stupid but extremely cute. At that time, I silently asked myself a question. This is the most beautiful girl I've ever met in my life, right?

so, please use it. But you have to promise me that if you succeed, you will forward this article to your moments once, and then tell the girl: "I am stupid, so I have to use such a stupid way, but what I say is what I think."

my girlfriend asked us, "am I pretty?"

(my lover abused me a thousand times, but I treated you like my first love. )


"am I pretty?"

it only took me 0.0001 seconds to answer: "Beautiful."

"bullshit! You didn't even think about it when you answered so quickly! "


"am I pretty?"

I pretended to think for five seconds, and then looked at her affectionately: "beautiful."

"Oh, you have to think about that. Bye."


"am I pretty?"

"am I handsome?"

"you are not as handsome as Xuan Bin."

"that's right, I'm just a little worse than him."


"then you are not as beautiful as grace, but you are so close. She has had plastic surgery."

"Yes, I heard she was blablablabla when she was 18."

I looked back at the audience.

made a mouth shape: "Sound-East-strike-West!"