How long haven't you looked up at the sky?

How long haven't you looked up at the sky?

Did you know there was a lunar eclipse yesterday?

Did you know there was a lunar eclipse yesterday? It is the shortest lunar eclipse of the century, only about 12 minutes, and during the eclipse, it will appear red, as shown in our cover picture today. But it's no use talking so much, because last night, most of us were still looking down at our phones and tablets as usual.

have you ever thought about such a question: since when can't we do without mobile phones? When I was in high school, that is, two years ago, I used a Tianyi. At that time, I begged my roommates for my last Weibo, and sometimes I even had to use my apple (something to eat) in exchange for 15 minutes of use of an Apple 4S. Now think about it, why am I so stupid? Someone once said that Weibo is a social tool that allows you to discover how stupid you used to be. I agree with this sentence, because when I look back at my Weibo, I see a high school boy who is sentimental, complaining, showing off happily and worrying sadly. At that time, I could not leave Weibo for a moment. I am afraid that I will miss some inner monologues that have been sent and deleted, and I am afraid that I will not be able to find the gossip around me in the first place. We can judge whether a person is a coquettish person by his Weibo number, or we can judge their relationship status by their Weibo content. Weibo is an amazing tool that brings real social life to the mobile network and makes it impossible for us to do without. Of course, what we can't do without now is Wechat.

now think about it, I really spent a lot of time on Weibo at that time. At that time, when we were in the closed environment of school, we had to see the world on Weibo, but the older we grew up, the clearer we became. Weibo only showed another one-sided world, but it allowed us to form another habit. Is to see the real world from the mobile phone.

just like the lunar eclipse mentioned above, you can review the whole process of yesterday's lunar eclipse through your mobile phone, but it's a completely different experience from running up to the roof to see the red moon. In the mobile phone, you will think there is nothing to see, because there is only one moon in the picture. And if we run to the rooftop, we will see all the lights, the villains running on the basketball court, the looming clouds in the sky and the red moon hidden in it. Only with the combination of "lights", "villains" and "clouds" will you feel that the moon is really on your head, not in your phone.

Today is Ching Ming Festival. I followed the people of our village to worship my ancestors on an undeveloped mountain. The mountain was so high that all the roads were opened by our ancestors with sickles and hoes. Before going, each of us needs to bring gloves and two bottles of water, and some of us have to carry up the roast pigs bought in the village. The road up the mountain is really steep, as long as you don't pay attention to it, you will slip down. We need one hand to hold the stone on the road and then the other hand to hold the root in front of you. Pay attention to "climbing" rather than walking, because the slope and the level form an angle of about 70 degrees. There are photos below. You can take a look. I'm not the one showing up.

when I got to the top of the mountain, I sat in the shade of the trees to enjoy the cool. I listened to the cicadas. As soon as the wind blew through the leaves, they surged with me, as well as the white clouds and blue sky in the sky, which high-tech products could not give me. The smell of leaves and soil, which they can't give me. I don't know what the whole article is trying to say. I just want you to feel what I feel. I want you to know that the outside world is really good enough for us to forget about cell phones.

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whether it's the shortest lunar eclipse of this century, or the breeze blowing across your face.