From A Jun and beer to the future.

From A Jun and beer to the future.

Young people like to talk about the future, and we are no exception.

"start with nonsense"

There's nothing more elegant or desirable than our long sleeve off the shoulder prom dress. Stop here and you will feel lucky to enter this catalog.

I bought two bottles of beer that night and sat with Mr. An in the sinking square and talked seriously and vaguely for a long time.

Young people always like to talk about the future, looking worried or ambitious, and Mr. An and I are no exception. All night, we talked about work from college, and from ourselves to others. I "commented" on my acquaintances to Mr. An one by one, and said seriously, "XX will be a big woman in the future. Do you know what a big woman is?" Be able to help each other between family and work! " Mr. A smiled and asked me, "what kind of woman will you be?"

"at least be a woman and try to strike a balance between work and family. If I get ahead in the future, I'll be a big woman! " The lights of the opposite dormitory building also seemed to be a little blurred, but I began to want to say more.

"when you are going to get married, remember to find a woman who can stabilize you. You are so easily swayed by the affection that you will be fooled!"

"to keep your wealth, find a wife who can stabilize you. When you laugh madly, she can remind you that she can inspire you when you are down and frustrated."

"I guess you will either be rich or have no money at all. You don't like a mundane working life, and you always want to start a business and get rich, so if you get it done, you'll be it. If you can't do it, you'll either be poor or suffer to work, right? "

I began to talk nonsense endlessly, and Mr. A listened to me quietly. Finally, he took my cell phone to make a phone call, and I drank all the rest of his beer while he was away. When he came back, he had to stare at me by shaking the empty bottle.

before we had a good chat, the roommates came. It turned out that Mr. A was afraid that it would not be safe for me to go back to the dormitory alone, so he called my roommate. The roommate not far away looked like a tiny, skinny little look. she smiled helplessly and approached me, but turned to blame Mr. A, "how could you let her get drunk?" I ignored them and walked back to the dormitory. My roommate caught up with me, looked at the way I jumped the ladder and smiled, and asked me what was wrong tonight. I was happy. I reached out and repeated tonight's topic to her loudly. She also listened quietly like Mr. A, but added at the end, "you're drunk, you talk like a child!"

I was unfortunate. I was confused about the future. I was afraid that I would graduate empty-handed and get mixed up in the confused and chaotic employment army.

then slowly get to the point

what we should do after graduation, how to be different, how to shine, how to start a family and become rich. These questions clung to me for some time, leaving me dazed and flustered at night. Until some heavenly basic writing class, the students inadvertently talked about this topic in class, still worried, I was listening, but suddenly remembered a lot of things, well, it is a lot of seemingly irrelevant but related things, such as a relative in my family who diligently sells roasted geese and then gets rich, and an uncle who sells snakes and sells mountains and rivers. The smiling uncle who sold chickens at the vegetable market (this is not my relative, ), I thought, "Why do they get more money from doing the same job as everyone else?" The bottom line is probably industrious and thrifty, optimistic and serious. If you want to be the best supplier of roast geese, choose the best materials and the most serious cooking attitude. If you want to become an uncle selling snakes from the wind and landscape, you should check the variety and quality of each snake and become unique. I suddenly felt like I was coming out of the fog.

Yes, since the darkness of the workplace is inevitable (we can't kill the villains all over the world with muskets, can we? Even if you can, it will take a long time to kill! If you can't make the environment better, then make yourself better! I think three things are extremely important, they are a good state of mind, a good mind, and a good body. It is enough to be able to bear hardships with a smile, not to be overwhelmed by them, and to resolve them. Anyway, it is the most useless to blindly worry in advance and be sad in advance. Although it is strange for college students to sell roast geese in the vegetable market in an attempt to get rich after graduation (, first of all, you have to have the taste of roast geese that dominate the whole town), think about it on the other hand, as long as you have the heart to bear hardships and stand hard work, even humble jobs in the vegetable market can slowly accumulate wealth. Always want to find another way to be on their own, I have to say that it is a warm-blooded, novel and dangerous thing!

after typing all night, I didn't expect to write at the end of the article has become a soul chicken soup, , such a turning point seems to be a bit tacky. However, after all, talking about the employment problem always makes people feel heavy inside. To borrow an online phrase, "there are still many troubling days in the future!" In that case, we might as well take off that anxious and eager heart for a while tonight and have a good night.