Even on April Fool's Day, we can't fool ourselves.

Even on April Fool's Day, we can't fool ourselves.

Today is April Fool's Day, so I'll tell you the truth.

in fact, most people (including me) simply don't deserve the future they aspire to.

Don't be in a hurry to refute my words, today is Wednesday, how much time have you spent on your future? Some people will surely tell me how many hours ta spends every day on CET-6 or those Putonghua exams and teacher certificates.

but here is a very important question. Do you really want to develop into the field of English /teachers in the future? Or do you pick up a goal that everyone agrees with just to find a goal for yourself? I'm not saying that it's not good to work hard for textual research, but is the certificate you took is helpful to your employment? If it is just a useless certificate, is it not necessary for us to spend most of our time fighting for it?

Last month, when our class was preparing to sign up for the Putonghua exam, I hesitated and asked a very good friend of mine, "do you sign up for Putonghua?"

he said, "if you don't report it, what are you doing here?"

he is not a decadent student like me, but the kind of person who does a lot of things, so I was surprised and said, "you need a second class for the teacher's certificate."

he looked at me calmly: "do you want to be a teacher in the future?" I don't want to be it anyway, so I don't want to waste my time on it. "

at that time, I was awakened by a word, and I found that we often work hard for something we don't need. To put it better is to find another way out for ourselves, and to say bad things is just to comfort ourselves. Many people still don't have a clear career goal when they are a sophomore. They don't know what they want to do or what they want to do.

I have read such a view on the Internet, which says (roughly):

people are afraid to define their future goals because they are afraid that they will not be able to achieve them. It would be humiliating. The same is true of procrastination. We don't do what we should do when we have plenty of time, but we don't do it until we don't have enough time, because if that thing is not done well, we can blame "lack of time". And if that thing is praised, we can say it is because of "superhuman talent". The failure is attributed to the weather, and the success is all because of themselves. In this cycle, people gradually become procrastinators.

in the final analysis, we always want to find ourselves those inexplicable sense of security.

before going to college, we are all used to being "arranged", which books to read for the exam, which chapters to preview in class, what routines to play in LOL, and even our daily routine, such as morning reading, evening study, lunch break, and morning exercises.

so we are not used to creating, we can only imitate. If other people take CET-4, I have to take it, which will make my university study in vain. If other people take part-time jobs, I have to do it. It will make me look lazy. But if you can start with "1" and then become one of the few "99", then you are pretty good, but most of us are only satisfied with the "60" that is called passing. So why don't you try going from "0" to "1"? Find the right direction, ignore other people's thoughts and practices for a while, stick to it and do it, and there will be something in return.

just like me, when I was a freshman, I wrote the article secretly, because I was afraid that my roommates would laugh at me and say that my writing was nonsense. Although they would not be so direct, I was still afraid that my words were too stiff and childish. After I persisted for a period of time, I found that my friends inadvertently urged me not to discuss "whether writing is meaningful" with me, but instead of "what are you going to write today?" Sometimes when I am not inspired, they will tell me some writing ideas in moments.

just like today, when I said there was nothing to write about April Fool's Day, they asked me to write about lies. Although I didn't write as they said, it was a reverse operation.

so, if you don't work hard, find the other person before you try. And you also feel it, it is not possible to go on like this, even if today is April Fool's Day, you can't fool yourself.

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