Don't spend the winter vacation of 2Dream 3 for entertainment.

Don't spend the winter vacation of 2Dream 3 for entertainment.

A manuscript.

I still remember that before the holiday, I said to my roommate, "I'm going to McDonald's as cheap labor again during the winter vacation." My roommate was impolite: "if it were me, I would rather spend less money than go to those meaningless classes."

I began to think, what can be called "meaningful" for us?

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I set the reminder that red dots will not appear when there is an update in moments six months ago, because I think most of the information in moments is meaningless. Moments is a very interesting social software. It narrows the space distance between people to only one avatar and photo, but its content is really infuriating, most of which are selfies with selected angles or selfies used to highlight their temperament. Many of my classmates led a pig-like life after the beginning of the winter vacation, except eating or sleeping, or taking a few random shots, lamenting the rapid passage of time and drinking Starbucks coffee. They are eager to show off their variety, but in my opinion it is just a lack of spiritual life.

Don't be angry, I am also a pig. Although I went to work on winter vacation, I spent all my time on quot; & quot; after work. If clutter is a meaningful thing to me, then I actually spend no more than two hours a day on it. Instead, I was able to spend a noon for a pushed cover, constantly changing fonts, effects, and tones.


most of the time, the goal of entertainment gives us a sense of satisfaction and pleasure, but real karma can also give us feedback. So how on earth can we tell the difference between the two so as to know whether what we are doing is meaningful or not?

 I started playing League of Legends in my first year of high school and spent nearly 1000 hours on it (about 2000, with an average of about 25 minutes each). I still remember the theory of "ten thousand hours to be a genius". It said: if we want to reach a position that cannot be touched by others in some way, we must devote ten thousand hours to that matter. Therefore, with my talent and efforts, it is impossible for me to join the e-sports industry. At the same time, I came to the conclusion that playing LOL is meaningless to me.  

Yes, according to the above logic, as long as you are willing to spend 10, 000 hours on something you are interested in in the shortest possible time, then it will make sense. It's like you love playing basketball, so it's not enough to play two hours a day. You should learn from Kobe Bryant, who has set himself a "devil training": six hours a day, six days a week, six stages at a time. Only in this way will you feel that what you are doing is meaningful.

of course, this is only my personal opinion. I don't want you to deny what you've done like me, but I want you to have your own way of judging whether what you're doing is meaningful or not. Instead of following in the footsteps of others, when others say it is good to learn English, you watch American TV dramas without Chinese subtitles. People say we should read for an hour every day, so you buy a few novels that never open and put them at the bedside.

 Please don't fool yourself. You know exactly what you are suited to and what is just entertainment for you. If you can't even do this, forget everything I said above, be an innocent teenager and live your every minute and every second happily.  
 Luo Pang told us: "the school always teaches us how to find the answer, but the society always asks us to find the way." The ability to "find a way" is not an inborn gift, but the experience gained by each of us after careful consideration. Many people think that we are still young and that there is no hurry to work hard. In fact, I would like to say that hard work is an urgent thing for most of us.  

and I, as a bystander, will not say "come on" to you at the end of this article. Because life is not a long-distance run, you will not be full of strength because of a cry from passers-by, nor will you reflect on yourself three times a day because of my wild words. You may still be confused and think that you are qualified to live the life you want, or you may already have insight into everything and understand that success is just path imitation and is laying the foundation step by step for your future. So your lives will not be affected by this article at all, because we are all on our own.

 the path of spiritual practice is always lonely, just like the gray sky at 06:30 in winter vacation, in which you don't see a glimmer of hope. Although this kind of scenery is not worth climbing out of bed early, you know, it is enough that you are more diligent than the sun.