Do you think someone will like it after grinding the skin?

Do you think someone will like it after grinding the skin?

Genius Peng Haoxiang.

Pang Haoxiang

what love and stock speculation have in common is that they are both high-risk investments, and all retail investors have to face the risks, but the only difference is that stocks should always have upper and lower levels to stop profits and losses. Once you have reached the price you want to earn, sell and cash in for a profit; once you fall to a certain self-set bottom line, you need to bear the pain and stop the loss. The problem is that in terms of love investment, it is always irrational, stopping losses not only making profits, of course, some people do not even lose money, that is why there are so many stupid men and women in the world.

Miss A, who is nearly forty, has dated several times after the age of twenty, but each time she died without an illness. Being divorced from the market for a long time has made Miss A lack of self-confidence. She never misses any opportunity to meet the opposite sex. Even every time she sends a cover letter, she will attach a photo of the salon she took when she was 22 or 23 years old. At that time, in the late 1980s, the Internet was not so popular that cover letters were usually submitted by mail. Friends all asked why she attached a personal photo when she was looking for a job. Miss A, however, said that this is to increase the chances of interview and admission, and her friends are deeply skeptical.

although Miss An is indeed a little pretty when she is young, and the photo is a typical model salon photo, basically covering up three ugliness, everyone is not optimistic about Miss A. HomeOffice was not popular at that time, so everyone had to work in the company. Once you arrive at the company, even if you get an interview, this photo widens the gap between expectations and reality, and makes management feel that you are exaggerated and that there is a discrepancy between expectations and actual gains. Of course, Miss A does not mind, more likely, she does not think that this picture is much different from what it is now, so even if Miss A's friends think it is not appropriate, they are embarrassed to tell her.

originally, Mr. B had an appointment with Miss A for dinner on Hong Kong Island. As Miss A's place of work and the hotel where Mr. B stayed are on Hong Kong Island, and Miss A's home is in the New Territories, she did not want to miss dinner because she came home, so she decided to hang out in the street, waiting for Mr. B to eat together. At that time, not everyone had a mobile phone, so Miss A forced her friend to come out and sit down at the Guiling cream shop. from time to time, Miss A went to the counter and called the pager desk to find out if she had received Mr. B's pager.

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Miss A was advised not to wait. As a result, Miss A took her friend to accompany her until 12:00 before she admitted the fate that Mr. B would not come. Of course, in the end, Mr. B was never heard from again. Before that, Miss A thought that Mr. B might not have finished his work or even had a traffic accident. Friends all said that Mr. B proposed such a meeting pattern, obviously setting a corrosion stop for the relationship, and once he found that it did not live up to his name, he immediately retreated and stopped corrosion early.

the problem is that everyone thinks that as a man, meeting a strange woman should have a basic gentlemanly demeanor. Even if the name does not live up to its name, we can still have dinner and chat, but Mr. B's corrosion stop seems to be set very high, and a group of friends have decided that if Mr. B arrives and sees Miss A like a lover, he is bound to say that the rest of the work has been temporarily cancelled, or it doesn't matter, or deal with it later, he will take Miss A to dinner right away. Now that such a pattern has been set, it can be seen that Mr. B is not even willing to spend time and money on a meal, so he immediately turns around and leaves in an attempt to minimize the cost. It feels like the model agent who pulled you down the street and said that he asked you to shoot an advertisement. Once it is confirmed that he cannot deceive you, he even wants back the business card he gave you before.

Miss An is greatly disappointed by this long-distance encounter, which shows that men are abominable things. Although on such an occasion, at such a point, it is certainly not appropriate to argue, but in fact, part of the problem comes from Miss A. Miss A sent that picture, there is an element of fraud, of course, Miss An also retorted: "I do not live up to my name, that is really me." Yes, if you are a merchant, you may not be able to sue you for commercial fraud, but at least you must be operating improperly and deliberately "mislead consumers". Even if you cannot be convicted, at least publish the name of your shop in the publication of the Consumer Council to remind consumers. So, apart from highlighting Mr. B's pettiness, Miss A doesn't get much sympathy either.

unexpectedly, it was Mr. B who was so ruthless that he even called Miss A to say that the work meeting was too long to eat and did not leave a paging message similar to an apologetic message. maybe the gap between Miss An and that photo was too big, which led to that unworthy degree, which gave rise to a trace of resentment. Maybe Mr. B was busy trying to stop his courtship trip in Hong Kong and was pulling his friends to the nightclub to party. And forget Miss A's charge-off investment.