After making a mistake.

After making a mistake.

It turns out that people tell us to "admit mistakes" because they have made mistakes that cannot be denied.

once upon a time, I thought I was smart enough to tell others something they hadn't learned. But the truth is, I'm still the same as I used to be.

I always felt good about myself before. Every morning in the second year of senior high school, I am taken out by the headteacher for questioning, because I am late every morning. Once the headteacher said to me, "Why can everyone else arrive on time, but you can't?" I was very arrogant and retorted, "then why can I get the first place in the class, but they can't?" He had nothing to say, but instead began to say some big things to me, such as "you should pay attention to your temper, or you will lose money", or "there are some things you can't change if you say you can change." But I didn't listen to him at all and went my own way.

until once and for the last time.

my classmates and I spoke ill of the teacher in the next class at the door of the classroom. He heard me, and he called us all to the office. He is so angry that I can tell you how many veins are in his neck. He asked us why we talked about the teacher like that, but we argued that we were not talking about him. The headteacher was even more angry, like a child, who wanted to tell his mother that someone else had robbed his toy but had no proof, so he turned up the volume. I just raised the corner of my mouth slightly and watched him act in farce with the most disdain.

but my temper came back again, and I put in a sentence between his words: "you let them go back to class. I'm the one who's talking."

I forgot how he stood up and questioned me. I only remember one or two of them: "who do you think you are?" and "you see, Zhang XX looked at me in this way and thought he was great."

I said like an adult: "what's my face? I'm just looking at you. Take it easy."

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he began to stamp his feet and then stepped on the desk in the office until he crushed it hard. My headteacher cried and cried, and he shouted to me, "Zhang, why are you doing this to me?" I haven't done you any wrong! "

I knew in an instant that I was wrong, and I was so wrong. I remembered that when he was in his second year of high school, he talked to me in the dormitory until two o'clock in the morning because of a little thing. He said he thought highly of me, but my temper was so bad that I had to change it. He also told me that it doesn't matter, people always encounter some setbacks. He also told me, you see, your grades have come up recently, and it is good for you to listen to your elders.

then he slammed the door out, and the chemistry teacher came and asked us what had happened, and then the biology teacher came over and said to me, "Hey, love is so hateful, do you understand?"

I didn't understand at that time. I seized every opportunity I could refute and threw darts out of my mouth to pierce his self-confidence.

he said to me, "I will never pay attention to your study again!"

I pretend it's no big deal: "do you want to take care of it?"

well, I won all the debates. But from then on, I began to admit that I was wrong before arguing with others.

after the previous article "Sister" was pushed, people with a smile asked me, "are you sure those two male students asked for help with the tickets?" I hurriedly said, "I'm not sure. It's all subjective speculation." Someone also asked me backstage, is it too much for you to say that? I immediately replied, "Yes, I think it's too much, too."

I have found that if something can be easily solved with an apology, why not?

self-esteem and so on. I wish I knew I had it. Today, I won't turn to my circle of friends. Instead, I'll talk to the tree hole.