29 I want to live like this, too.

29 I want to live like this, too.

Don't worry about the future, you won't regret the present.

in my next life, I want to live again.

the first step is to die and then leave it behind.

Open your eyes in the nursing home,-feel better every day,

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until too healthy is kicked out.

get a pension and get to work.

get a gold watch on the first day and a celebration party.

Forty years later, I am young enough to enjoy retirement.

drinking, partying, indulging.

then get ready to go to high school.

then go to primary school and become a child.

play carefree, with no responsibility on your shoulders.

soon, he became a baby until he was born.

the last nine months of my life are floating in a luxurious spa.

there is central heating and room service is on call.

the place to live is getting bigger and bigger every day, and then, ha.

I ended my life in the best part.