26 hyacinths are random.

26 hyacinths are random.

Have you ever smelled the flowers of hyacinth?

 remember it was this time last year, the same winter vacation and the same Chinese New year before, the same hyacinth, the same familiar flower fragrance I remember, floating in the warm and brilliant sunshine of the southern winter.

 last year, my sister bought two hyacinths to go home. I remember clearly that two hyacinths were full of dense flowers, one purple and one pink. I do not know why, whenever I see dense flowers, there is always a kind of vulgar feeling, but when I see a small hyacinth full of delicate flowers, there is a sense of elegance and serenity. At that time, every time I passed the hyacinth, I always smelled the fragrance of flowers.

 blossoms, flowers fade. Like the forgetting curve, just when the hyacinth is most gorgeous and charming, she begins to wither and fall. The petals of hyacinth fell to the ground and withered. No longer brilliant, no longer filled with the fragrance of flowers in the air, no matter how much water you water, no matter how carefully you take care of, the flowers will no longer bloom. No one believes that the hyacinth will blossom again, and no one wants to wait for the hyacinth without charming flowers to amaze the world again.

 like many people, my mother threw away the hyacinths, but somehow she reused one of them to grow the lonely stem balls of hyacinths in flowerpots. Of course, my mother did not believe when the hyacinth would open again. She put the flowerpot in the most corner of the balcony and occasionally thought of watering it.

 yesterday, I saw that hyacinth on the balcony, sprouting and budding. Today, the hyacinth unexpectedly blossoms.

 how long it takes to find out that everything is just an inadvertent moment when the hyacinth blooms.

 remember when I was in kindergarten, I asked my father: is this a university? Then there is a long expectation and waiting, to really step into the university at that moment, only to find that everything is so inadvertently, as if for a moment, like a dream. I remember seeing other people's notebooks full of notes, and the test paper I made was full of test paper bags. I made up my mind secretly, and I didn't know when to start. My notebook was also full of notes, and the test bag was also full of test papers. I can't count the number of hooks that have been hung up by the test bag. Many times it is like this, stick to it, even if it is very long, you may not be able to predict the date of your arrival, or even you are still hesitating in doubt, but hyacinths will bloom quietly when you least expect them to, and everything will come naturally. To surprise you inadvertently.

 A friend of mine once took a long time to forget someone. He said to me: no matter how many love songs, how many people comfort, how many cigarettes, how much wine, how many sleepless nights, can not completely forget her, but in the end found that the so-called forget, really inadvertently put down.

 used to be myself, foolishly waiting for a person's Wechat, even though you waited for half an hour or an hour, you were excited to go back in seconds, and then deceived yourself to go on for the next hour. You know it's over, but you have the nerve to find the person you've complained about countless times in your heart. Every time I delete the chat message angrily, but find her one by one in the address book. Look at her circle of friends. You are unhappy when she is doing well, and you are even more unhappy if she is not doing well. You delete her photo, but you can't help but delete it again. You think you can never let go of this person, you will never love someone like this again.

 originally, everything is like waiting for the withered hyacinth to bloom again. Inadvertently, I slowly stopped waiting for you and stopped thinking about you. Took good photos, no longer the first to send to you; see funny jokes no longer tell you; see special snacks, no longer want to pack one for you; hear good songs, no longer want to share with you a headset; no longer tell you my schedule; no longer stay up late waiting for Wechat news notice; see your name is no longer inexplicably nervous; no longer nervous about your every move I no longer expect to meet you and I am no longer afraid to see you; more importantly, I will no longer lie to myself.

 maybe, after another year, the hyacinth will no longer bloom, but wait a little longer. It turns out that our fate is to forget each other inadvertently. I think, after many years, we will frankly say: "I actually held your hand at that time." Let's say that.

 flowers as a companion, may you bloom quietly in another long wait, inadvertently, let me hold your hand.

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