23 those who do not "move heaven and earth".

23 those who do not "move heaven and earth".

The "hair trigger" in my heart when I was young.


in my heart

worry about a lot of people.

but you have to be clear,

it will be like quot when something happens. Just like 

after a day's hard work, I found out that youth


I once moved her to the class meeting to ask questions,

 what do you think youth is?.

and then get off the stage for a moment of silence.

I just know that youth is,

you think her What is the time to feel

I always think that as long as I catch up with, I always think that as long as I wear a long dress and a white face,

a bride feels the same,

in and thump in front of me.

I always think that as long as I catch up with

then I will cherish her well. After taking care of her for a while,

it took me 17 years to know that

the original thump is nothing more than the sound of singing at that time.

 hearing, because we have two ears but only one mouth

but I think the reason for voting is that you don't have the qualifications, and

doesn't have the ability to explain what he's crying about.

so you can only choose a way that won't embarrass everyone.

so that your friends won't lose their color.


is there such a time when everyone laughs and laughs in someone's K room, and you sit in the corner and count your stomach? No one comes to you with beer What's the matter, not happy?

is there such a time when your former friends have a new encounter and a new best friend is about to hide you in a corner of your heart? you choose a friend who pretends to be friendly with him. None.

whether or not there is such a time, when the New year of the Farmer is happy with everyone to see the flowers, friends who are happy and happy all have the companion of him or so, but they can only accompany themselves with the shadow of love for many years.

but have you ever thought that people always go through all kinds of hardships and loneliness? they find it in their lives and realize that those who think they are happy do not discover their emotions. But have you ever thought that only through solo can we try to experience hardship, if the most basic solo You can't bear the loneliness.

so, don't worry about being alone, good friends will always emerge.

so, don't worry that you will become lonely, because loneliness is a must in life. If you can't stand it, don't stop crying.

after crying, take out the phone, find the person you trust most, and go over.

tell him:

 I'm not afraid of a person anymore.


but what exactly is "happiness"?

what is happiness?  what is happiness?




what exactly is "Happiness"

but what exactly is "Happiness"

what exactly is "Happiness"?

what exactly is "Happiness"

but what is "Happiness"?

what exactly is "Happiness"?


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having a bowl of bread that must be very enjoyable.

those who do not "move heaven and earth" make me want to cry.

I may not love you

people always find a lot of excuses for crying.

 Sand is in my eyes,

 I cry, where are I crying, my eyes are just a little uncomfortable and so on,

but he doesn't know,

he's refusing,

Why are you crying 's shoulder who cares most about him.