20 you say.

20 you say.

After you said there was no contact, it was just that there was one less person to talk to.

after there is no contact, it's just that there is one less person to talk to you, it's just that the message light on your phone is no longer on frequently, it's just that no one cares about your every move in your life anymore, but it just returns to a person's loneliness.

you know to be ruthless, because you can't let this emotion multiply any more.

you say: this is not appropriate at all.

you say: this is not going according to my plan.

you also said: not just because you like it.

then you start ordering yourself to start strangling emotions, while the other side expects the other person to express their love for you.

wait but not then.

gradually frequent communication begins to decrease, which is probably the necessary process of getting along with each other, from curiosity and interest to rusty and cold conversation.

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you will not adapt to such a sudden change, sometimes to see if the cue light is on, sometimes to see if there is any information about the other person's whereabouts, and sometimes to mention him when talking to others. At first, you will not be used to such a change, so you will take the initiative to talk to the other person, seemingly carelessly. But the result for you is a reply after many hours. The reply after waiting anxiously does not give you much joy, but brings you back to your senses.

when you know that the other person doesn't feel the same way as you, when you know that the other person actually cares about you and treats others, when you know that the other person is still happy after this hot relationship, his heart has become petrified. At this time, you don't have to force yourself to kill, but you have to give up at all. Fortunately, you are not affectionate. Fortunately, you do not rush past just because of love. Fortunately, you still remember your dream after you are sad. Fortunately, you do not lose your mind. Fortunately, you always know what you want.

although occasionally you imagine where you will run into each other, although occasionally you will hear some news about the other person, although occasionally you will think of the other person when you see something, although you will be inexplicably nervous when you slide the address book to see the other person's name. but you know that slowly these will no longer touch the strings in your heart, because you know it's all an illusion.

so you finally decide not to get in touch with each other, you go back to a person's life, and your heart becomes empty again. Then you start to do something familiar: put on your headphones and listen to the song "gentleness" and quietly watch one by one in front of you. Just let them pass by your world, and you wait for the one who really walks into your heart, waiting for them to read every detail of your life, waiting for someone to understand your tender and fragile world.