16 migratory birds.

16 migratory birds.


I draw freedom on my body and want to live with it forever. In my eyes, the bird is free, the sky is free, I want to soar in the blue sky, want to fly over the sky full of sunlight, want to be in the sunset, swim in the air like a fish in the sea. But I can not, I have been imprisoned, like a broken-winged bird, since I can no longer fly, then I draw freedom on my body.

there is a flock of birds living in my heart, and they make me dream of flying all the time. Do you believe in them? Right behind me, you can see their shadow from behind me. Yes, in my seemingly ordinary and boring life, there are actually a flock of birds accompanying me, persuading me to "go on a long journey together and see the world!"

want to travel without careful planning or preparation. Want to travel with you, pick up the camera and press the shutter to record your moment, are you smiling or in a daze? Will it be surprised or calm?

I live from nine to five every day, and my life is as quiet as water. This is the stability I used to be proud of. Until one day, when I came out of the subway station, I looked up at the sky. A flock of birds flew by. Is it autumn? I looked at the trace of them far away and suddenly remembered the madness when we rushed down the hillside desperately on our bikes. Those memories seemed to be far away from me.

I heard that there is a bird living in everyone's heart. It will fly out of your heart and fall on your ear in the dead of night, quietly bringing dreams to you.

the heart is a person's wing, and the world is as big as the heart is. If you can't break the bondage of your heart, even if it gives you the whole sky, you can't find the feeling of freedom. Follow your heart and don't hesitate!

I am the bird imprisoned by you. I have forgotten how high the sky is

if I leave the little castle you gave me, I don't know who else can rely on

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the more I fall, the more I can fly. Throw me into the highest sky.

the direction of the headwind is more suitable for flying. I am not afraid of thousands of people blocking me, but I am afraid of surrendering myself!

the bird wants to be a cloud. & nbsp;  & nbsp; 

the cloud wishes to be a bird.

but in fact, you are already beautiful, so why not be yourself?

troupe of little vagrants of the world, leave your footprints in my words. Have you ever known how important your arrival is to me?